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Title: Caracterização das Comunidades Subtidais de Macroinvertebrados Bentónicos de Substrato Rochoso da Ilha de São Vicente, Cabo Verde
Authors: A. Peixoto, Tiago
Correia, Sandra
A. Assis, Carlos
Keywords: subtidal communities
benthic macroinvertebrates
diversity indices
Cape Verde
Sao Vicente
Issue date: 19-Jun-2012
Abstract: The Cape Verde Archipelago location and its biogeographical features are of special interest for Marine Ecology. However, there’s a lack of knowledge regarding the composition of the coastal ecosystems in this region, especially about benthic macroinvertebrates subtidal communities. Between August and October of 2007, eight locations around the island of São Vicente were sampled. Within each of those spots, fragments of substratum were collected and throughout the processing of the collected data, a total of 4032 individuals were counted, which belong to 81 different species. Shannon’s Entropy and Gini-Simpson’s diversity index were calculated, as the real number of species each one represented. By comparing the results, differences between sampling stations and between indices within the same sampling station were found. With the purpose of clustering the sampled locations according to the number of collected organisms by species, a dendrogram was elaborated and a principal component analysis was carried out. The considered sampling stations didn’t reveal significant differences according to the composition of their benthic macroinvertebrates subtidal communities in terms of great taxonomic groups or functional groups. It’s assumed that they differ only by minute traits.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/1533
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