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Title: OVERLAND FLOW AND SURFACE RUNOFF / Hydrological Science and Engineering
Authors: Ferreira, AJD
Tavares, J
Baptista, I
Coelho, COA
Reis, A
Varela, L
Bentub, J
Issue date: 2012
Publisher: Tommy S. W. Wong
Abstract: Cape Verde, off the coast of Senegal in western Africa, is a volcanic archipelago where soil and water conservation techniques play an important role in the overall subsistence of half a million inhabitants. In fact, the step slopes in the more agricultural islands due to it's volcanic origin, together with semi-arid and arid environments (the country is located in the Sahelian region), characterized by a very irregular wet season, with high intensity rainfall events, make life tough. The hard conditions lead during the first half of the XX century to frequent cycles of drought with severe implications on the local populations, with impressive numbers of deaths by famine, and a decrease of the number of local inhabitants by more than halve in some islands. Maintain the soil in place and the water inside the soil was there after a mater of survival, and the CapeVerdians implemented over the last half century a number of soil and water conservation techniques that cover all the landscape. In this work, we monitored a number of slope soil and water conservation techniques, such as terraces, half moons, live barriers, etc, together with two cultural strategies, used to plant corn and beans on one side and peanuts on the other, with a semi-quantitative methodology, to evaluate their effectiveness. A discussion is given on the costs and effectiveness of the techniques to reduce overland flow production and therefore erosion, and to promote rainfall infiltration.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/1715
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