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Title: Approaches and Strategies to Improve Writing Skills
Authors: Tavares, Pedro Martins
Issue date: 2007
Abstract: I believe and, I hope others believe that writing well is not only a personal accomplishment but also a valuable form of social participation and leadership. After reviewing the literature, this work tries to identify the problem and to identify the key issues to EFL writing so as to suggest a remedial procedure that may help the learners to express themselves better in English. It aims at finding areas of difficulty in the writing skill among the students and to work out remedial procedures to help them overcome their weakness. A survey carried out on 12th grade students, regarding their comprehension, shows that organizing idea on paper is one of the factors which influences their ability to write. It also shows that students feel the need to be instructed on strategies of writing success and consequently improving their writing. There are a lot systematic approaches and methods for discerning which skills and type of writing teacher should focus on and meaningful classroom activities and strategies that teacher can use to help students improving their writing.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/1726
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