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Title: Lack of Discipline in Cape Verdean Secondary Schools: The Need to Better Define the Problem and Develop Strategies to Prevent or Manage the Situation
Authors: Gomes, Manuela Maria Gomes dos Santos
Issue date: 2006
Abstract: This research paper has been written with the intention to discuss the problem of discipline in Cape Verdean secondary schools. While many of us discuss the effects that student misbehavior has on the student misbehavior has on the student, school and society as a whole, very few of us seek solutions which would impact on the prevention and management of this problem that each day becomes more complicated and harder to handle. This paper will discuss the need to better define discipline at the school level; identify the causes and factors that aggravate the problem, in addition, to provide what I hope to be useful strategies to better manage the problem as we make the effort to reclaim our schools and better educate our students. My research included surveys completed by teachers and student alike as they baffled over the question: what is discipline and how can we better manage discipline problems at our schools?
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/1840
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