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Title: The Effect of Teacher Expectations on Student Achievement: Does The Pygmalion Effect Hold True for Cape Verde?
Authors: Pires, Reginaldo Rogério Bandeira
Issue date: 2006
Abstract: The present study is about the relationship between teacher expectations and student achievement. Do teachers have the power to influence student achievement? This is the question at hand. Are students under the influence of their teachers in regards to how they perceive themselves as achievers and ultimately how well they perform? What are the other factors that come into play when assessing student’s academic achievement? In light of the literature written on this topic, the two most prevalent theories are (1) Pygmalion in the Class and (2) The Sustaining Effect. These theories show a direct and determinant relationship between teacher expectations and student achievement. The main objective of this study was to investigate if in Cape Verde, teachers follow the same trend. Responses to teacher and student surveys carried out at Domingos Ramos High School gave revealing insights into how Capeverdean teachers view their students and the role the teachers themselves play in supporting the studen’s academic performance. Is the teacher’s expectation of their students the last word? In general, teachers do have a powerful influence on their students for good or for bad, but the key questions are: (1) are they aware of this power and (2) how well do they manage it? This paper includes an in-depth discussion on the different factors that influence student achievement and research carried out at an urban secondary school which characterizes how teachers and students view their roles in the student’s academic success. Recommendations are also provided to assist teachers in managing their expectations to maximize their role as a positive contributor to the success of their students.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/2420
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