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Title: ‘A tiger that wants to become a lion’: Violent forms of agency among youth in Cape Verde
Authors: Bordano, Lorenzo
Issue date: 2010
Abstract: Cape Verdean prison population raised 100% in the last ten years: in this paper I offer an interpretation of this disturbing figure, addressing the issue of young offenders and children in conflict with the law, the perception of youth crime in Cape Verde, and how the government has recently dealt with these issues. Cape Verde currently deploys a repressive approach to the issue of youth crime: in this draconian context, I will follow the application of policies and laws targeting juvenile delinquents as well as the public and media discourse on the issue. At the same time, through interviews with younger inmates in prisons and institutions, I will relocate young offenders’ behavior and activity within their wider social context, providing urgently needed data on the cultural and social dimensions of juvenile offending and violence.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/431
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