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Title: The Reversal of Gender Inequalities in Enrollment in Higher Education in Cape Verde
Authors: Varela, Adalberto
Keywords: Gender
Higher education
Cape Verde
Issue date: 2016
Abstract: Higher education is nowadays the main driver of development of knowledge, science and hence, the wellbeing of various people in different countries. On the other hand, gender inequalities represent a delay toward this status. Gender inequalities have been proven to be a great barrier to the development of the full human being’s potential and if it manifests in education, their effect will be worse. This research paper seeks to determine what drives the reversal of gender inequalities in enrollment in higher education in Cape Verde. The paper outlines the struggles for a more equal society and look for different reasons behind this phenomenon. This study has brought out some barriers that interfere with an equal enrollment in that level of Education. The objective of this study is to raise awareness about the need to change the positive measures related to girls, and use some of them to encourage boys in the education field because they are lagging behind in all levels of education.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/4912
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