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Title: Avaliação dos efeitos do azoto na produção de duas variedades de batata doce em três zonas de Santiago.
Authors: Morais, J. T. da Silva
Andrade, M. I.
Marcarian, V.
Vera Cruz, M. T.
De Matos, G. Cardoso
Sabino, A. A.
Melle, G. van
Miller, R. L.
Issue date: 1990
Publisher: INIA
Abstract: A b s t r a c t : A field experiment wa s conducte d in three locations on the island of Santiago ( São Domingos , Serrado and Tarrafal) to estimate the influence of different doses of Nitrogen (O, 2 1 , 4 2 , 63 Kg N/ha) applied as a m m o n i u m sulfate (NH^SO^) on the yield of t w o sweet potato varieties: 'fiegisto' (V2) and ' D j u d a m ' ( V I ) . The experimental design was a randomized complete block with 4 replications. In São Domingos the treatments average yield of Resisto was almost three times as much the treatments average yield of Djudam and in Serrado. The yield was aproximately twice as much for NO and N I and over three times as much for N2 and N3. On the other hand, Djudam produced relatively well in Tarrafal, being outperformed by Resisto only with maximum N application. There was no significant difference in yield between the t w o varieties in Tarrafal as indicated by the ANOVA test ( 9 5 % ) . However, both varieties responded positively to leveis of N in the same location.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10961/5045
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